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We deliver several styles of animatic, the most simple is a static animatic or 'Boardmatic'. For more movement we offer 2D animatics; these bring the imagery to life by animating each element of the storyboard separately, creating a depth and life to each scene. At the more advanced end we offer full 3D animatics as well. 



Every script it different and more often than not, we incorporate a variety of techniques in one animatic. This produces a seamless film and allows us to use bespoke animation techniques on each shot, capturing the shot in the best light and hopefully the audience as well!


Our Process for Animatic



How we work

Once the perfect artist or artists have been selected for the project, production begins. Storyboard production can be complicated and appear daunting. After ten years experience we've tailored our process to minimise stress and maximise time that each storyboard artist can spend drawing. We have found that this approach leads to higher quality imagery and more satisfied clients. 



Step 1


The most important part of storyboard production. This is where we learn what's in your head and begin to see the idea through your eyes. We prefer to hold face to face meetings, as this helps us to understand the concept in it's fullest, and are happy to travel in and around London to achieve this.  If that's not possible the next best thing is a digital transfer followed by a phone call. 

You can download a briefing document here.



Step 2


We provide several versions of each storyboard frame so that our clients can monitor progress throughout the project. Typically this breakdown into three main iterations: A scamp or initial drawing to establish content and composition, this is followed by a line drawing from the artist to show more detail, with colour and tone added at the third stage to bring each frame to life.

Storyboard and animatic production can vary by project, with larger projects often requiring multiple artists and retouchers. To help keep production on track we provide a timing breakdown so our clients know when to expect each stage. 



Step 3


Alterations are a natural part of the creative process and so we allow our clients as much flexibility as possible. Storyboard London works closely with Filestage to bring our clients a simple and trackable alterations process. Our clients can easily comment, collaborate and keep on top of projects in real time, without having to sign up and trying to remember yet another password! 

Light alterations are included in the original quoted cost, redraws are available and then will be charged at the cost of original frame. 



Step 4


We will deliver everything to you digitally in the format that you've requested. It is important that we get everything perfect so will always aim to stay on hand until your project is finished completely. 

We also offer to provide a service where we can print out your boards as hard copies so please enquire if this would suit you. 



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