Storyboard London offers a range of different types of animatics depending on your needs. We'll be happy to chat through your animatic project and pull together some options to suit your needs. Please give us a call or for a quick ballpark estimate or push the red button below to fill out a quick form.


Bespoke Animatic

Styles and Techniques

We deliver several styles of animatic, the most simple is a static animatic or 'Boardmatic'. For more movement we offer 2D animatics; these bring the imagery to life by animating each element of the storyboard separately, creating a depth and life to each scene. At the more advanced end we offer full 3D animatics as well. 

Every script it different and more often than not, we incorporate a variety of techniques in one animatic. This produces a seamless film and allows us to use bespoke animation techniques on each shot, capturing the shot in the best light and hopefully the audience as well!



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Full production


 Our in-house production facilities allows us to deliver using motion capture, projection mapping, advanced parallaxing techniques and full 3D animation. 

Here's some we made earlier...

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