We are passionate about the work that we do. We're a small but dedicated team and always strive for the highest standards for our clients and ourselves! We try to wave magic wands over jobs that were supposed to be delivered yesterday and have great fun while doing it!



Account Manager

Immy Lucas

Immy comes from a more corporate background where learning to build relationships was incredibly important, and so it made sense for her to slot into the role of an Account Manager. Immy is also a photographer and a keen social media activist, where she attempts to tackle pressing environmental issues. As a consequence we are all learning to be a greener office.



Freya Clark

Freya has spent years honing her craft in illustration and learning from a wealth of creative resources. Her keen eye and calm demeanor  ensure projects run smoothly and to our high standards. When she's not managing our in house team or intricate storyboards for our clients, you'll find her drawing beautiful illustrations or taking a class in Taekwondo. 


Managing Director

George Belcher

With over five thousand storyboard and animatic projects under his belt, George's experience hasn't dented his passion. He's constantly searching for new techniques and wonderful artists to work with. Outside the office you'll find him in front of a canvas with some oil paints, or in the shed working on the next DIY project. Unless it's a grand prix weekend of course.