While we provide bespoke storyboards of all kinds, most of our clients prefer storyboards that fall into one of the three categories below. If you are after something a bit more special please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask how we can help.


Colour Storyboards

Each artist will approach colour in very different way but will use colour to build atmosphere and feeling into each frame. Our colour storyboards are made to show the creative idea in it's best possible light.

When time is short or there are a large number of frames to draw, we will often use more than one storyboard artist to complete the project on time. This keeps the quality high and consistent by overlapping the approval process. 



Black and White Storyboards

The lack of colour can be an advantage when presenting, as it allows more room for the imagination and can often appear to show the idea with more clarity.

When choosing an artist for black and white storyboards, the style and flow of the line is an important consideration as the line will dictate the feel of each image. An artist with a loose flowing line will allow more interpretation of the concept but lack the detail of an artist with more definition to his or her work. 



Shooting Boards

These simple and quick storyboards are used to show the idea and quickly. This a great option when time or budget is in limited supply or when an idea isn't yet fully conceived. 

We have a small team of London based storyboard artists who specialise in working on site with our clients. The majority of the work that is produced is loose rough storyboards and is a great solution for the early stages of a concept. You can find out more about our on-site team here.




All set?