Storyboards for complex camera movements and a fast cutting pace.

  • Client:
  • Brand:
    Elvie Stride
  • Project:
    60" TVC

Storyboard London had the privilege of working closely with esteemed director to produce a shot-by-shot storyboard for Elvie Stride'. The ad featured quick cuts and dynamic poses, which were key to selling the idea, and the storyboards were eventually used on set during production.

Rather than a broad idea of the concept, the director required sign off on a shot-by-shot storyboard sequence. Given the reasonably fast-paced film, a cut was made almost every second, and camera direction was crucial in demonstrating the idea without the use of descriptive text. The idea featured a detailed mode of action, with the camera moving from close-ups to mid-shots and wide angles, while the subject and camera were rotating and cutting. The film would feature three distinctive, individual, and recognizable characters throughout.

Storyboard London and the director had several meetings to discuss and rough out the storyboards. The initial rough draft was helpful, but it wasn't until the storyboards were cleaned up that the project started to come together. This allowed the team to make amendments accordingly to ensure the film flowed as the director envisioned it.

The storyboards proved to be a great aid in understanding the flow and pace of the film, particularly when there was so much movement happening, and each movement needed to flow into the next seamlessly. The team here was delighted to see the final film match so closely with our original conceptual storyboards.

“Pleasure working with you!”

Through close collaboration, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to the director's vision, Storyboard London successfully produced a shot-by-shot storyboard that brought Elvie Stride's vision to life. The resulting TVC was a testament to the power of storyboards as a tool for visualizing complex ideas and bringing them to fruition on the big screen.