The big picture from all angles

3D Renders

Man working with wacom pad on a cinematic.

Fast and flexible

3D visualisation has come a long way in the last few years and is now quicker and sometimes more cost efficient than illustrating the concept. With the added benefit of being able to look at the visual from multiple angles, adjust lighting and elements with speed. Using multiple software packages and often mixing 2D and 3D elements, we create fast but detailed concept visuals.

Exceptional detail

Great for both static and fly through visualisations. Often particularly useful for planning product shots, complex camera movements or designing a set for a shoot. Hyper realistic human characters can be posed with astonishing accuracy, down to the eyelash. Real time Ray-tracing provides a quick understanding of light and shadow. We can even visualise where the sun will be at a particular time.
a  woman using motion capture hands to create an animatic
A screenshot of a 2d animatic being created using projection mapping from Storyboard London.

Streamlined approach

Like our storyboards and illustrations, we begin by providing rough sketches of the layout for discussion and review before building the 3D environment and models required. After the initial build we refine the details and adjust camera and positioning before colour grading, post processing and retouching each image..

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