A Bold Animatic

  • Client:
    To Boldy Go
  • Brand:
    Seriously spreadable
  • Project:
    2x 30" Animatics

To Boldly Go approached us to produce another Animatic for the Seriously brand of cheese. We produced two different routes with the same look and feel for testing. The brief asked for a 2D Animatic with a light hearted and fun tone. 

Early rough storyboards and animatic planning notes.

The surreal script included a few of key punch points that would be essential to get build the animatic the script deserved. From an artwork point of view, the look of the man in the fridge and the close up of the product were going to need extra attention.  When is came to editing, in was going to be important to time the reaction sequence and our hero’s casual nature after the MOA to emphasis the comedy. After initial rough storyboards where created, they went straight into an early edit, so the creative team could feedback on the pace of the animatic, whilst the artwork was being drawn. 

Colour storyboard frames, ready for review.

A voice over was recorded to the rough edit, which helped to get the right tone and pace of the voices. After the colour storyboards where signed off, the animation begun work on each shot. Several subtle camera movements with accompanying paralaxing added a bit of depth without being distracting. The orbital shot of the product was created by mixing of projection mapping and parallaxing the 2D artwork to create the 3D effect. 

The orbital shot, with a mix of 2D and 3D techniques.

After researching well, this route was chosen to shoot, and we were very pleased to see the final film so close to the animatic. 

Stills from the final commercial.