It's only live once

  • Client:
    Sky Creative
  • Brand:
    Formula 1 Season Launch
  • Project:
    OOH and TVC Campaign

From loose to high-end concept

Sky Creative engaged us to collaborate on the launch campaign for the 2022 Formula 1 season on Sky Sports. Beginning with rough storyboard drawings, we quickly honed in on three distinct creative directions. These directions underwent multiple iterations, culminating in a high-resolution concept image and a dramatic looking storyboard that brought excitement and energy to the both the film and the print campaign.

Early rough concept sketches

As many an F1 fan will know, the new season meant a dramatic shift in the shape of the cars. At the time of our involvement, the new season cars and liveries were not yet revealed, and the new Miami track had not yet been constructed. Referencing early concept imagery of the new car and estimating the teams' liveries. Similarly, by studying the proposed track layout and referencing available imagery, we were able to produce a reasonable estimate of the look for the new season.

More developed storyboard with tone and a focus on the sparks

Final colour storyboards brought the action and all important lighting together.

The Print Campaign

A sunset time of day was initially proposed

The dynamic wide angle style was essential in capturing the excitement and speed of the new season. For the print ad, several versions of this angle were tested with rough sketches before adding a dutch angle to accentuate the effect. With the opening film, Achieving the correct lighting to emphasise the sparks, while conveying a sense of speed and showcasing the new Miami track, required a delicate balance. Ultimately, we abandoned the initial dusk visual in favour of a night shot. The wet track helped define the track more and emphasised the sparks reflecting off the surface. Finally, motion blur and noise was added while keeping the cars and the Hard Rock Stadium in focus.

Finally settling on a night time shot with damp track to emphisise the reflections of the sparks.

The final concept visual gave our client and their Formula 1 clients a strong idea of the final print campaign would look like, before it underwent rendering by the talented team at Saddington Baynes. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the launch campaign for the 2022 Formula 1 season on Sky Sports.